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We stare at each other for a few moments. Our eyes locked. “Oh, my—”
“You’re still here,” he says over me.
“—God.” I look around one more time.
1.     (Cave?) filled with…
2.     Super bike
3.     Suped-up muscle car
4.     Giant flat screen phone-chat
5.     Computers everywhere
6.     Robot?
7.     Some kind of science lab
A few loud beeps interrupt my list. “Online,” a female voice says from the ceiling. A pause, and then, “There has been a breach.” A holograph in the form of a woman appears in the middle of the cave and I can only assume this is
8.     Sheila, apparently back online
I look around a little more and spy… not a cape, thank God, but a… a…
9.     Helicopter, parked at the far end of the enormous cavern
And then, I get the perfect list after all, because I see…
10.   Guns.
No, they are more than mere guns. I know my way around a gun and these are—
“What the fuck are you doing here, gun girl? I thought we parted back in the forest.”
“Oh, my God,” I repeat. “You’re Batman.”
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